Linked Data from The OU

We interlink and expose data available from open institutional repositories of The Open University and make it available for reuse.

The data can be searched via a keyword-based interface, using well-known identifiers, or queried using the SPARQL endpoint.

The datasets relate the publications, qualifications, courses and Audio/Video material produced by The Open University, as well as the people involved in making them.

All these data are available through standard formats (RDF and SPARQL) and are (in most cases) available under an open license.

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Open Educational Resources

Metadata about educational resources produced or co-produced by The Open University

Scientific Production

Metadata about scientific production of The Open University

Social Media

Content hosted by social media web sites. Metadata are extracted from public APIs and aggregated into RDF.


Data collected form internal repositories and first made public as linked data.

Metadata and Documentation

Data spaces dedicated to schema description and documentation.

Other datasets are available on but are currently in a test/validation phase.

The SPARQL endpoint will query the union of all graphs by default.