- Team is lead by the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of The Open University.

Mathieu d'Aquin

Mathieu d’Aquin

@mdaquin  mathieu.daquin

Dr. Mathieu d’Aquin (project director) is a researcher at KMi. He obtained a PhD from the University of Nancy, France, where he worked on real-life applications of semantic technologies to knowledge management and decision support in the medical domain. As a member of the EU Integrated Project NeOn, Mathieu has researched large-scale infrastructures for the discovery, indexing and exploitation of semantic data (e.g. the Watson Semantic Web search engine, Cupboard system for managing semantic information spaces), as well as in numerous research prototypes in concrete applications of these developments.

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

@stuartbrown  stuart.brown

Stuart Brown (@stuartbrown) is Web Developments and Online Communities manager at The Open University. Involved in implementing the OU’s move to Drupal as default CMS Stuart is interested in both reuse of OU linked data within the OU’s web publishing environment as well as ensuring OU web publishing activity plays a role in the OU’s continued publication of linked data. Working with colleagues and systems across the OU Stuart hopes to help ensure that a linked data approach becomes a part of core OU activity.

Enrico Daga

Enrico Daga

@enridaga  enrico.daga

Enrico Daga is Project Officer - Linked Data at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University. Its main responsability is the maintainance and evolution of With a mature technological background, is proficient in several development languages and has a strong knowledge of (semantic) web protocols and standards. Contributes to open source projects lead to the discovery of new applications based on Semantic Web technologies (NeOn, Interactive Knowledge Stack - IKS). Loves to contribute to the evolution of the WWW.


The project receive contributions from users and practitioners of linked educational and research data. This includes specialists involved in managing data, especially about publications, media publishing, course materials and archives.