- Datasets is constantly evolving to deliver more public data from the Open University as open linked data. The list of datasets described below are the ones that we consider stable in the sense that their structure has been validated and is unlikely to change frequently. They are constantly being updated based on new data and updates realised on the origine repositories.

Other datasets are also available on, but are currently in a test/validation phase.

The SPARQL endpoint will query the union of all graphs by default.

Open Educational Resources

Metadata about educational resources produced or co-produced by The Open University

OU podcasts

OU podcasts, part of which is being made available through iTunes U, is a collection of Audio and Video material related to education and research at the Open University. This dataset is defined using a variety of ontologies, including the W3C Media Ontology, as well as our own SKOS representation of the iTunes U topic categories.


This datasets is a linked data representation of the metadata related to units of teaching and learning material openly available from the OpenLearn website. It notably uses the Creative Commons Rights Expression vocabulary and the Nice Tag Ontology. Units might relate to modules/courses when the unit corresponds to specific course material.

Scientific Production

Metadata about scientific production of The Open University

Open Research Online

The Open Research Online system contains information about publications originating from OU researchers. This information is represented using the Bibliographic Ontology (bibo)

Social Media

Content hosted by social media web sites. Metadata are extracted from public APIs and aggregated into RDF.

OU channels, playlists and videos from YouTube

Videos from the Open University on YouTube. This dataset contains videos extracted from all OU channels. Videos and Playlists are linked to courses and qualifications.


Data collected form internal repositories and first made public as linked data.

OU People Profiles

The Open University People Profiles dataset contains information that Open University staff have made publicly available on their web profile according to the privacy guidelines described at As such the information about a person available via will depend upon the aspects of their profile that a user has chosen to make public.

The OU's Key Information Set from Unistats

This is the portion of the Unistats KIS data about the Open University.

The Unistats Dataset is reproduced with the permission of the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and their licensors. The Unistats Dataset may be accessed in its original form here: All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Unistats Dataset are owned by HEFCE, HESA and their licensors.

Course Descriptions

The course description dataset includes the courses from the Study at the OU website. Courses are described using the courseware ontology and the AIISO ontology, as well as several extensions with locally defined properties.

KMi Planet Stories

KMi Planet is the online news system from the Knowledge Media Institute. The sories are represented as posts in the SIOC ontology.

Data from Research Projects

Linked Data from research projects.

The Listening Experience Database

The Listening Experience Database (LED) is a dataset that collects data about people's experiences of listening to music of all kinds throughout history and literature, in any historical period and any culture. Data collection involves curated expert submissions and crowd-sourcing as ways in which data are collected. See

The Reading Experience Database: DBpedia alignments

This dataset contains owl:sameAs alignments between people appearing in the UK Reading Experience Database graph and their corresponding DBpedia entities.

Arts and Humanities Research Council project metadata

This dataset collects formal descriptions of all the research projects in the Humanities that have received funding by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The data have been extracted from the RCUK Gateway to Research API and refactored to RDF. Currently, the dataset contains metadata for projects up to 2016.

The UK Reading Experience Database

The UK Reading Experience Database (RED) is an open-access dataset containing records that document the history of reading in Britain from 1450 to 1945. Evidence of reading presented in UK RED is drawn from published and unpublished sources as diverse as diaries, commonplace books, memoirs, sociological surveys, and criminal court and prison records. See

Metadata and Documentation

Data spaces dedicated to schema description and documentation.

Meta graph

Schema description of VoID descriptions of Graphs. SPARQL Service description. Graphs, classes and properties. Basic triple statistics.