Innuendo with David McGilivray - Language of Comedy #3
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Published 2014-08-15T13:28:37.000Z
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Publisher oulearn
Publisher oulearn
Label Innuendo with David McGilivray - Language of Comedy #3
Title Innuendo with David McGilivray - Language of Comedy #3
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Description For more like this subscribe to the Open University channel Free learning from The Open University --- How comedians exploit the ambiguities of language in the production of innuendo and similar forms of language play. The segment will look at the way specific forms of language are used for the treatment of taboo or socially controversial topicsand how innuendo has changed from Shakespeare to the present day. Featuring comedy historian and Julian Clary's head-writer, David McGillivray. (Part 3 of 6) Playlist link - Transcript - --- L161 Languages and culture - ---

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