ubiquitous computing
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Label ubiquitous computing
Label ubicomp
Description Our research is concerned with developing new frameworks, principles and concepts for mobile, tangible and ubiquitous computing. These include frameworks for direct combination, minimal attention interfaces, tangible interaction, whole body interaction and sensor-based interactions for play. We are also exploring how these technologies might be used in the real worlds within different situations. We investigate the security, privacy and trust aspects in ubiquitous computing and e-commerce.For example, we use a variety of methods, including cinematic techniques and field experiments to explore attitudes towards privacy in ubiquitous computing.Another strand of our research focuses on augmenting and extending everyday learning and work activities with interactive technologies that move "beyond the desktop". We have designed a number of enhanced user experiences through appropriating and assembling a diversity of technologies including mobile, wireless, hand-held and pervasive computing. Domains we are looking at are collaborative learning, creative play, working, and decision-making. We are also investigating how a variety of surfaces can be integrated, including large mixed paper-electronic wall displays, tabletops, tangibles and ambient displays.
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