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description The<strong>SWAT Editing Tool</strong>allows you to develop ontologies for the semantic web, using a controlled dialect of English rather than a computer language. It uses an exceptionally simple dialect called<strong>OWL Simplified English</strong>, which covers the most commonly used OWL patterns.<br><br>Three advanced Natural Language tools also aid ontology developers: (1)<strong>Txt2ids</strong>extracts suggestions for ontology identifier names from unrestricted text, thus avoiding the blank page problem when building a new ontology, (2)<strong>Axiom Suggester</strong>suggests new ontology statements from identifier names, thus saving developers time in ontology construction, and (3)<strong>Explanation Generator</strong>produces Natural Language explanations for problematic logical entailments (or bugs), thus aiding developers to debug ontologies.
shortdesc Controlled Language Ontology Editing Tools
Type Project
Label SWAT Editing Tools
homepage editor.html
Name SWAT Editing Tools
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