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description Public deliberation in complex socio-technical debates is critical, but poorly supported by today’s social media platforms: it is hardly possible for citizens and community managers to quickly grasp the state of a public debate, know where they might best contribute to advance understanding, and effectively identify and pursue socially innovative ideas. Debate Hub is an innovative tool for community deliberation that provides an intuitive interface for large-scale argumentation and advanced analytics and visualisations to enhance sensemaking, attention mediation and community moderation. Debate Hub helps communities to identify the most robust ideas in the noise. It provides a collaboration environment in which ideas can be debated and assessed, in a way that it is not the most popular idea to win, but the one for which the best arguments are brought forward and the best evidence are provided. Debate Hub also supports informed participation to public debates by providing a collective intelligence visualization dashboard consisting of summary analytics and attention mediation feedback. These features support newcomers to get a sense of where is the debate at and where is the best way for them to contribute. The DebateHub Visualization Dashboard is also a tool for community managers to monitor their community, promote attention and prioritize community’s resources and actions.
shortdesc Debate Hub is a tool for online communities to collectively organize and progress good ideas forward
Type Project
Label DebateHub
Depiction debatehub.png
Name DebateHub
Page debatehub
maintainer Anna De Liddo
Dataset KMi People Profiles

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