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maintainer Martin Dzbor
created 2005-09-01
description Online social networking tools are extremely popular, but can miss potential discoveries latent in the social 'fabric'. Matchmaking services can do naive profile matching with old database technology, and modern ontological markup, though powerful, can be onerous at data-input time. BuddyFinder-CORDER can automatically produce a ranked list of buddies to match a user's search requirements specified in a term-based query, even in the absence of stored user-profiles. We integrate an online social networking search tool called BuddyFinder with a text mining method called CORDER to rank a list of online users based on 'inferred profiles' of these users in the form of scavenged Web pages.
shortdesc Find the right people with the right knowledge in the right place at the right time
Type Project
Label BuddyFinder-CORDER
Depiction buddyfinder-corder.gif
homepage buddyfinder.html
Name BuddyFinder-CORDER
Page buddyfinder-corder

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crc Resource