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maintainer Vanessa Lopez
description AquaLog is a portable question-answering system which takes queries expressed in natural language and an ontology as input and returns answers drawn from semantic resources compliant with the input ontology. AquaLog differs from other similar systems with respect to two important aspects: 1) It is truly portable: no configuration effort is needed at all, to interface AquaLog to a particular ontology; 2) Over time it adapts to the jargon used by a particular user community, hence there is no need to manually customise the system for a particular domain. AquaLog integrates a number of technologies, including NLP, ontology-based reasoning, machine learning and user modelling.
  • AquaLog, a portable question-answering system for organizational ontologies
  • A portable question-answering system for organizational ontologies
Type Project
Label AquaLog
Depiction aqualog.gif
Name AquaLog
Page aqualog

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