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Property Object
Has principal investigator Trevor Collins
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Type Project
Comment Calibrate, and provide a context for networked simulation environments
Label Web Lab
Depiction web-lab.gif
Name Web Lab
Description Web Lab is an attempt to calibrate, and provide a context for, networked simulation environments. Shared, web based activities are used to complement and extend classroom science, allowing resources that could not be made available in the classroom or lab to be directly controlled and monitored through a basic browser interface. This means that shared planning, execution and documenting of the experiments can involve students and teachers in several schools. The control problems of distant sensors systems soon become apparent with Heronsgate School's Mars Buggy environment. As does the important idea of program generalizabilty- the same program that works in the classroom maze also works on Mars (temporarily located in the KMi). Other lab environments currently being developed include the ultra low speed wind tunnel and the web leaf

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