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Date 2014-02-28
Date 2013-10-01
Type Project
Comment Developing the UK Aggregator of Open Access metadata and content from repository systems
Label UK Aggregation
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Name UK Aggregation
Page uk-aggregation
Description UK Aggregation will provide technology for aggregating metadata and content from UK institutional repositories to be used as a component of the Jisc Repository Shared Services Infrastructure. The resulting aggregation will be used as a building block to satisfy various use cases, such as (a) the provision of a centrally managed cache of metadata and content for search engine optimisation, (b) the delivery of source data for text-mining from open access papers, (c) the monitoring of metadata (OpenAire, RIOXX) or open access policy compliance (HEFCE. RCUK) or (d) the analysis of growth and usage of repository data. In technical terms, the project will build on the existing CORE aggregator, which is already largely in a service ready state. Therefore, the project will largely focus on integration and interoperability of the aggregation service with relevant services maintained by different stakeholders. It will consult these stakeholders and propose an integration plan that will be realised in the next stage (after the end of this project). Finally, the project team will, based on consultations with Jisc, decide on the economical and governance structure under which the service will operate in the future.
Has principal investigator Petr Knoth
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