Out There and In Here
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Property Object
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Subject human-centred computing
Depiction Engagement Process
Type Project
Label Out There and In Here
homepage http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/otih/
Name Out There and In Here
Label OTIH
Description Working with Microsoft and OOKL Mobile Software the‘Out There and In Here’ project explores the possibilities for new technologies to support distributed, synchronous collaborations between students in the field, and others based in a laboratory. For this project, geology fieldwork in a higher education context provides the test domain for design and evaluation of a prototype system, from which wider issues with developing interdependent learning experiences across mobile and static contexts can be identified and analysed. We plan to link students carrying mobile devices in the field, connected via mobile networks, to students in a‘command and control’ style laboratory, using an interactive table-top, projected displays and other technologies.  Lecturers use ipads to maintain an awareness of students i both locations. The system will support access to a range of relevant resources.  The review and organisation of data, synthesis of reports with specific / abstract information and the development of hypotheses that are then voted upon.
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The Open University is funded for Out There and In Here Project