Open Sensemaking Communities
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Has principal investigator Simon Buckingham Shum
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Date 2006-04-01
Type Project
Comment Helping e-learners construct interpretations of open content courseware
Label Open Sensemaking Communities
Depiction osc.gif
Name Open Sensemaking Communities
Page open-sensemaking-communities
Description The Open Content movement is concerned with enabling students and educators to access material, in order to then learn from it, and reuse it either in one?s studies or one's own courses. The core efforts to date has focused on enabling access, e.g. building the organizational/political will to release and license content, and in developing open infrastructures for educators to then publish and reassemble it. The key challenge in the next phase of the open content movement is to improve the support for prospective students to engage with and learn from the material, and with each other though peer learning support, in the absence of formally imposed study timetables and assessment deadlines. KMi is now engaged in developing the next generation of tools for e-learning and collaborative sensemaking for open content learning support.

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