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Has principal investigator John Domingue
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Date 2008-08-31
Date 2006-03-01
Type Project
Comment Learning Content Management System Using Innovative Semantic Web Services Architecture
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Description LUISA is a STREP Project under the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme. LUISA will apply the semantic web service framework, architecture and tools developed with the DIP project, including IRS-III, to eLearning. More specifically, LUISA will create a rich flexible infrastructure supporting the development and reuse of learning materials for both learners and educators. The enhanced architecture will open new possibilities in the automation of learning object discovery, selection, composition and negotiation, within a distributed service architectures seamlessly integrated through ontologies. The longterm goal for LUISA is to shift the paradigm in eLearning from one based on learning objects to one based on semantic web services.

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