Living Human Digital Library
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Has principal investigator John Domingue
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Date 2009-01-31
Date 2006-02-01
Type Project
Comment Technical infrastructure for the Living Human Project
Label Living Human Digital Library
Depiction lhdl.gif
Name Living Human Digital Library
Page living-human-digital-library
Description LHDL is a STREP Project under the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme. It starts in February 2006 and runs for 3 years. The major mission of LHDL is to further develop interactive digital library services to access collections of complex biomedical data on the musculoskeletal apparatus. LHDL aims to create the technical infrastructure for the Living Human Project (LHP). LHP will create a silico model of the human musculo-skeletal apparatus wich can predict how mechanical forces are exchanged internally and externally, from the whole body down to the protein level. This model should be designed as an infrastructure that can be updated and extended whenever new data and algorithms become available. LHDL aims to develop this infrastructure.

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