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Has principal investigator John Domingue
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Date 2014-04-30
Date 2012-05-01
Type Project
Comment EdUcational Curriculum for the usage of LInked Data
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Page euclid
Description As the popularity of Linked Data increases, so does the demand for data practitioners possessing the skills and knowledge necessary to understand its main concepts, and apply the associated technologies for data-analytics purposes. The availability of such expertise is a driver for the sustainable future development of the Linked Data community. It can be achieved through targeted knowledge transfer, in particular through easily accessible training programs addressing the real needs of data practitioners, as proposed in the EUCLID project. EUCLID will facilitate professional training for data practitioners aiming to use Linked Data in their daily work, through a curriculum implemented as a combination of living learning materials and activities (eBook series, webinars, face-to-face training), validated by the user community through continuous feedback.

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