Election Debate Visualization
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Property Object
Has principal investigator Anna De Liddo
Dataset KMi People Profiles
Date 2016-09-30
Date 2013-10-01
Type Project
Comment The EDV Project will provide radically new ways for the public to replay the televised debates from the next UK general election
Label Election Debate Visualization
Depiction EDV.png
homepage edv-project.net
Name Election Debate Visualization
Page election-debate-visualization
Description During the 2010 UK general election, the first ever televised Prime Ministerial debates took place. Research showed that there was a significant public appetite for this means of learning about the candidates and their policies, but that many viewers were left feeling uncertain about the meaning of and relationship between the competing arguments they had witnessed. KMi pilot research demonstrated the potential value of mapping the debates as visual diagrams. In 2015 the next election is envisaged, providing the opportunity to investigate how knowledge media can deliver completely new ways to replay the debates and engage with the arguments at stake. Funded by the UK EPSRC

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