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Name CLEF + CLEF-Services
Description <p>&nbsp;</p><p>CLEF and CLEF-Services (hereafter&ldquo;CLEF&rdquo;) are a pair of related 3 year projects funded by the Medical Research Council as part of the e-Science programme. CLEF aims to create a scalable, generic architecture for capture and management of clinical and other descriptive data, integrated with genomic data and images and linked to literature and web resources. The project consortium is lead by the University of Manchester Medical Informatics Group and brings together teams from the Royal Marsden Hospital, OU, UCL, University of Sheffield and University of Cambridge. At the OU, we focus on providing natural language generation technologies for assisting the creation and management of electronic patient records and for generating summaries of clinical data. Complementary to this work, we also generate medical dramas for patients.</p>
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The Open University is funded for CLEF + CLEF-Services Project