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  • Thomas Ullmann researches in the area of technology-enhanced learning. He is especially interested in the automated detection of reflections in writings. His background is in empirical educational science and computer science. At KMi he worked for CATALYST, STELLAR, the X-Media project and for SocialLearn. During his work for the CATALYST project (, he led the design, implementation, and evaluation of the CATALYST Collective Intelligence Analytics Dashboard. His focus of work for the STELLAR Network of Excellence ( was about the development of the STELLAR Science 2.0 infrastructure for the researchers in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning. He helped to develop the social networking platform and still maintains it. He developed 'Knowledge Lenses' for the SemSearch Semantic Search Engine within the X-Media Project (FP6 European Research Project: to enhance the possibilities of knowledge engineers. For SocialLearn he built the ELLIMent tool, which aims at supporting mentees developing their life long learning skills within a mentor relationship. ELLIMent builds upon the Effective Life Long Learning Inventory. Permanent link to most recent research profile:
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