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Biography <p>[embed]https://youtu.be/TQwA9krV8EA[/embed]</p>
Description <p>[embed]https://youtu.be/TQwA9krV8EA[/embed]</p>
Holder of Academic
Job title Emeritus Professor
Research overview <h2>Research focus</h2><p>My research and scholarship focuses on participation and methodologies to promote it, including the role of information systems. The main methodologies developed through research are:&lsquo;Imagine&rsquo;,&lsquo;Triple Task&rsquo;,&lsquo;Multiview&rsquo; and Logical Framework. I am primarily interested in methods which help us to understand complex issues.&nbsp;</p><h3>Formations of Terror</h3><p>2015 - 2017. I have been engaged in scholarship into the phenomena of fear. I have two major publications in this regard:&nbsp;</p><p>Bell, S. 2017. The Formations of Terror. Cambridge Scholars.&nbsp;London. ISBN: 1-4438-4705-4</p><p>and the graphic novel:&nbsp;</p><p>Project Fear.&nbsp;</p><p>There are a host of books about fear but, as yet, there has been little attempt to methodically and systemically assess how fear emerges and is targeted. This highly readable yet rigorous book sets about the methodical assessment of fear as an emergent property. Working from the personal experience of fear as&lsquo;everyman&rsquo;, and then using examples and case studies, it explores the main principles which lie behind the manifestation of fear of all kinds. Using climate change as its specific point of focus, fear is seen to be a major force in problem assessment and analysis and, by accident or intention, a significant confusion to human decision making. By the systemic development of the main features of the Paradigm of Fear and the identification of Fear Amplifying and Fear Attenuating systems, the book demonstrates how fear can be contained, how new social forms can arise and how new behaviours and social qualities can mitigate the Formations of Terror.</p><h3>Sustainability Indicators and Sustainable Community (Imagine and Triple Task)</h3><p>2015. Principal Investigator on Making Metrics Meaningful&ndash; an Open University funded research project on sustainability and community in Milton Keynes.&pound;15k.</p><p>2013. Co Investigator: AHRC funded project - Understanding the Changing Cultural Value of the BBC World Service and British Council. AHRC noted: It was awarded a top grade 6&ldquo;An outstanding proposal that is world-leading in all of the following: scholarship, originality, quality, and significance. It fully meets all the assessment criteria for the scheme and excels in many or all of these. It provides full and consistent evidence and justification for the proposal and management arrangements are clear and convincing. It should be funded as a matter of the very highest priority.&rdquo; Outcomes presented at: Conference of International Broadcasters&#39; Audience Research Services,&nbsp;Cit&eacute; Internationale Universitaire de Paris 2<sup>nd</sup>-5<sup>th</sup>November 2014.</p><p>2013. Principal Investigator for a joint project with INSEAD in Abu Dhabi: Triple Task Analysis of Policy Maker Decision Making in Education.&pound;20k.</p><p>2008&ndash; 2011. Principal Investigator for UK contribution to FP7 project, Policy Influence of Indicators or POINT project.&euro;1.4 million (Bayswater element&euro;170,000)</p><p>2000&ndash; 2011. Principal Investigator for six projects funded by the Mediterranean Action Plan: Systemic Sustainability Analysis in Malta, Lebanon, Slovenia, Algeria, Cyprus and Spain.</p><p>2008 Principal Investigator for the Academy for Sustainable Communities and Homes and Communities Agency. Analysing, adapting and testing a taught version of the Imagine Methodology&ndash; Creating Sustainable Communities. (&pound;100,000).</p><p>2008&ndash; 2010. Member of ITd Net&ndash; International Transdisciplinary Net on Case Studies for Sustainable Development (funded attendance at conferences in Helsinki in 2008 and Vienna in 2010).</p>
Has membership faculty-of-science,-technology,-engineering&mathematics
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  • Bell
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  • Simon
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  • Simon
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  • S Bell
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