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Job title Research Student
Research overview I started my research studentship with KMi in October 2006 and obtained my PhD in 2011. My PhD topic was about identifying innovative ways to enhance a standard automated image annotation system. In order to reach this goal I applied technologies belonging to disciplines as diverse as Multimedia Information Retrieval, Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing. The final goal of this multidisciplinary research was to develop a set of techniques that can increase the effectiveness of any existing image search engine. My supervisors were Prof. Stefan Rüger and Prof. Enrico Motta.
Type Person
Label Ainhoa Llorente
Depiction ainhoa-llorente.jpg
Family name
  • Llorente
  • Llorente Coto
Given name Ainhoa
  • Ainhoa Llorente
  • Ainhoa Llorente Coto
Work homepage ainhoa-llorente

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