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  • Research Associate
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Research overview Tracie Farrell is a research associate working with the Web Science research group at KMi. Her current research interests include the impact of new technologies on society and culture, in particular, the opportunities and challenges presented by communication and interaction at scale. Her research interests include epistemology, metacognition, self-regulated learning, technology-enhanced learning and digital pedagogy. Before starting her PhD, Tracie worked for 18 years in the non-formal education sector on issues related to human rights, leadership and citizenship.
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  • Tracie Farrell
  • Dr Tracie Marie Farrell
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Family name
  • Farrell
  • Farrell Frey
  • Farrell-Frey
Given name Tracie
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  • Tracie Farrell
  • Tracie Farrell Frey
  • Tracie Farrell-Frey
  • Tracie Marie Farrell
Phone rn:tel:+44-(0)1908-32094
Title Dr

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