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Of Computing and Communications
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Job title
  • Dean and Director of Studies (MCT)
  • Professor Emerita
overview <p dir="ltr">Professor Anne de Roeck is Dean and Director of Studies of the Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology at the Open University. The Faculty is responsible for about 50,000 students, and is home to three major undergraduate programmes of study, in Engineering and Design, Mathematics and Statistics and Computing and IT. The Faculty is a major contributor to the inter-faculty programme in Environment, Development and International Studies. The Faculty offers postgraduate studies in all its curriculum areas.<br><br>Professor De Roeck is a Professor of Computing with 25 years of experience in teaching, curriculum development, and research. Her specialist area is in Natural Language Processing. Prior to her appointment as Dean, she served as Associate Dean (Research) for the Faculty and as Head of the Department of Computing. Before joining the Open University in 2001, she held appointments at the University of Essex (where she also acted as Head of Department) and the University of Geneva. She was Chair of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing between 2007 and 2009. She is a Fellow of the BCS - the Chartered Institute for IT - and a member of the BCS Policy and Public Affairs Board.</p>
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Type Person
  • Anne De Roeck
  • Anne De Roeck FBCS, CITP
  • Prof Anne De Roeck FBCS, CITP
  • Professor Anne De Roeck
Depiction anne-de-roeck_140x110.png
Family name
  • de Roeck
  • De Roeck
  • de Roeck
Given name
  • Anne
  • A.
  • Anne
mbox ailto:anne.deroeck@open.ac.uk
Mailbox SHA1 sum 72be029f582842eb9636821b9265db349344e5fe
  • A. De Roeck
  • Anne de Roeck
  • Anne De Roeck
  • Professor Anne De Roeck
  • Anne De Roeck
  • Anne De Roeck FBCS, CITP
  • Anne de Roeck
Phone rn:tel:+44-(0)1908-652940
Title Prof
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