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Research overview Alessandro Adamou is a research associate at the Knowledge Media Institute. His main research and software development focus is on the means to make the Semantic Web state of the art available to, and usable by, a variedly specialised public. These means include integrated ontology development environments, dynamic ontology network management, semantic content management and end-user generation of quality Linked Data. Alessandro received his master degree in Computer Science at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", and his Ph.D. at the University of Bologna. In between, he has also worked as a research assistant at the Italian Institute for Cognitive Science and Technologies (ISTC-CNR). Alessandro has been actively involved with the EU research projects NeOn, Interactive Knowledge Stack and LinkedUp, as well as the Listening Experience Database, a joint effort between the OU and Royal College of Music. He is a committer and project management board member at the Apache Software Foundation for the Stanbol software project.
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  • Alessandro Adamou
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Name Alessandro Adamou
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