Llywelyn the Great (c.1173-1240)
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Abstract Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, called Llywelyn the Great after his death, was prince of Gwynedd in north Wales. He was a skilled diplomat and gifted war leader who shrewdly handled King John of England, established an alliance with Philip Augustus of France, and brought most of the native Welsh nobility under his influence. He also extended the territories of Gwynedd to a greater extent than any leader of the previous two hundred years.
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Label Brough, Gideon and Marsden, Richard (2011). Llywelyn the Great (c.1173-1240). In: Martel, Gordon ed. The Encyclopaedia of War. Blackwell Publishing Ltd., pp. 1262–1263.
Title Llywelyn the Great (c.1173-1240)