Mercury's surface and composition to be studied by BepiColombo
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Date 2010
Status Peer reviewed
Volume 58
Issue 1-2
Abstract We describe the contributions that we expect the BepiColombo mission to make towards increased knowledge and understanding of Mercury's surface and composition. BepiColombo will have a larger and more capable suite of instruments relevant for determination of the topographic, physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of the surface than carried by NASA's MESSENGER mission. We anticipate that the insights gained into the planet's geological history and its current space weathering environment will enable us to understand the relationships between surface composition and the composition of different types of crust. This will enable estimation of the composition of the mantle from which the crust was derived, and lead to better constraints on models for Mercury's origin and the nature of the material from which it formed.
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Label Rothery, David ; Marinangeli, Lucia; Anand, Mahesh ; Carpenter, James; Christensen, Ulrich; Crawford, Ian A.; De Sanctis, Maria Cristina; Epifani, Elena Mazzotta; Erard, Stéphane; Frigeri, Alessandro; Fraser, George; Hauber, Ernst; Helbert, Jörn; Hiesinger, Harald; Joy, Katherine; Langevin, Yves; Massironi, Matteo; Milillo, Anna; Mitrofanov, Igor; Muinonen, Karri; Näränen, Jyri; Pauselli, Cristina; Potts, Phil ; Warell, Johan and Wurz, Peter (2010). Mercury's surface and composition to be studied by BepiColombo. Planetary And Space Science, 58(1-2) pp. 21–39.
Title Mercury's surface and composition to be studied by BepiColombo