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Date 2005
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Status Peer reviewed
Abstract About the book: After a peace agreement, half of all civil wars start again. When a cease fire or peace deal is agreed, aid workers, military personnel, diplomats and others pour in, but what can they do to reduce the chances of a return to war? A growing number of academic courses aimed at practitioners and policy-makers in Britain and elsewhere attempt to answer this question but until now there has been no book to accompany them. In part, a handbook on how to understand each war as a unique phenomenon, it develops a set of war analysis tools, challenging commonly held assumptions about the nature of gender, ethnicity and greed.
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Editors editors
Label Hanlon, Joseph (2005). Intervention. In: Yanacopulos, Helen and Hanlon, Joseph eds. Civil War, Civil Peace. Oxford, UK: James Currey, pp. 49–71.
Title Intervention
Dataset Open Research Online
Creator Dr Joseph Hanlon
Publisher James Currey