Ritual in some Early Bronze Age gravegoods
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Date 2005-07
Status Peer reviewed
Volume 162
Issue 1
Abstract This systematic study of selected 'Wessex' Early Bronze Age burial assemblages was undertaken to reassess the original purpose of the artefacts deposited and their significance in the burial ritual. Use-wear analysis and fragmentation assessment has been undertaken on daggers, whetstones, bone objects and beads. Lithological and physical analysis was also undertaken on the stone objects. The results show a remarkable disparity in use and fragmentation between certain artefact types. Some objects and groups might be seen as symbolic depositions placed by mourners, or as parts of ceremonial costume, rather than as possessions of the deceased.
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Label Woodward, Ann; Hunter, John; Ixer, Rob; Maltby, Mark; Potts, Philip J. ; Webb, Peter C. ; Watson, John S. and Michael, C. (2005). Ritual in some Early Bronze Age gravegoods. Archaeological Journal, 162(1) pp. 31–64.
Title Ritual in some Early Bronze Age gravegoods