Landschaftliche Vielfalt
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Title Landschaftliche Vielfalt
  • German regions and landscapes, local traditions and the notion of Heimat are at the centre of this free course, Landschaftliche Vielfalt. You will describe images, make notes from a variety of sources, and write a short piece about the three-nations region around Lake Constance.<link rel="canonical" href="" /> First published on Tue, 09 Feb 2016 as <a href="">Landschaftliche Vielfalt</a>. To find out more visit The Open University's <a href="">Openlearn</a> website. Creative-Commons 2016
  • <p><span lang="en-GB" xml:lang="en-GB">This course is aimed at advanced learners of German, and is therefore taught in German. We do, however, offer other German courses on OpenLearn: <span class="oucontent-linkwithtip"><a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">Beginners’ German: Food and drink</a></span>, <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">St&#xE4;dte und Menschen</a> and <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">Lebenszyklen</a>. There are also full Open University courses, including <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">L193 <i>Rundblick: beginners’ German</i></a>, <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">L130 <i>Auftakt: intermediate German</i></a> and <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">L203 <i>Motive: upper intermediate German</i></a>, which are taught in English and German.</span></p><p>This OpenLearn course is an adapted extract from the Open University course <a class="oucontent-hyperlink" href="">L313 <i>Variationen: advanced German</i></a>.</p>
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