Student interns win national technology prize
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abstract Two A-level students who had an internship with the OU in 2013 have gone on to win the Google Creative Technology prize at the National Science + Engineering Competition.
Date 2014-03-20T00:00:00.000Z
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Description <p>Kai Diep and Toran Sharma, two A-level students who worked at the Open Univesity in the summer of 2013, have won the<a href="">Google Creative Technology Prize at the National Science + Engineering Competition</a>.</p><p>The students were two of four sponsored by the Nuffield foundation to work at the OU over the summer holidays. They developed a project to engage younger school children in computer science and electronics. Kai and Toran, in collaboration with Sameer Kalyan and Thomas Webster, created a range of electronic musical instruments using a variety of platforms. They also produced project guides that allow school children to create the projects in their own classrooms.</p><p>The instruments include a mini drum kit, a keyboard, a light harp (activated by breaking light beams with your hands) various theremin-like instruments, and a glove that plays air guitar.</p><p>The instruments used Raspberry Pi computers, Arduino microcontrollers, and the OU's own<a href="">Senseboard</a>.</p>
Title Student interns win national technology prize
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