Science and theory into practice: sports coaching : reader
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Publisher The Open University
Date 2011
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identifier SUP024333
Contents Section A : The body systems : Chapter 1 The cardiorespiratory system in action -- Chapter 2 The nervous system in action -- Section B : Making sense of movement : Chapter 3 A five-stage model of movement analysis -- Chapter 4 Biomechanics for coaches -- Section C : Working with special populations : Chapter 5 Invest in your bones : move it or lose it -- Section D : Your development as a coach or instructor : Chapter 6 The professionalism of sports coaching in the UK : issues and conceptualisation -- Chapter 7 Moving beyond physical education subject knowledge to develop knowledgeable teachers of the subject -- Chapter 8 Grooving to the same tunes? Learning, training and productive systems in the aerobics studio -- Chapter 9 use them or lose them : a study of the employability of sport graduates through their transition into the workplace -- Chapter 10 Recruiting for fitness : qualifications and the challenges of an employer-led system -- Chapter 11 Factors that influence the development of English youth soccer coaches -- Chapter 12 Hiring graduates
Type Book
Label Science and theory into practice: sports coaching : reader
Title Science and theory into practice: sports coaching : reader
Description Reader for Open University module EXC223 Science and theory into practice : sports coaching

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