Understanding marketing and financial information
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Publisher The Open University
Date 2011
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P1007 Andrew Lindridge and Haider Ali (Marketing) and Graham Francis and Michael Lucas (Finance)
Contents Chapter 1 What is marketing? -- Chapter 2 Customer satisfaction -- Chapter 3 Market segmentation, targeting and positioning -- Chapter 4 Understanding and influencing customer behaviour -- Chapter 5 Delivering value in exchanges - products and services -- Chapter 6 The marketing mix -- Chapter 7 The extended marketing mix for services -- Chapter 8 Managing marketing information-- Chapter 9 The marketing plan -- Chapter 10 The need for financial information -- Chapter 11 Budgets for planning and control -- Chapter 12 The practical use of budgets -- Chapter 13 Measuring costs in organisations -- Chapter 14 Costing products and services -- Chapter 15 Financial decision-making -- Chapter 16 Financial statements - the income statement and balance sheet -- Chapter 17 The cash flow statement, cash flow and working capital management -- Chapter 18 Analysis and interpretation of financial statements -- Chapter 19 Performance management
edition 3rd ed.
ISBN13 9781848736535
Type Book
Label Understanding marketing and financial information
Title Understanding marketing and financial information
Same as 9781848736535
Description Textbook for Open University module B629/BZX629 Managing 2 : marketing and finance

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