Organizational collaboration : themes and issues
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Publisher The Open University
contributor Di Domenico, Maria Laura
Date 2011
URL Id=473787
Locator Id=473787
P1007 edited by MariaLaura Di Domenico ...[et al.]
Contents Learning from and through collaborations / MariaLaura Di Domenico -- Managing aims -- Goal setting : a five-step approach to behavior change / Gary Latham -- Goals gone wild : the systematic side effects of over prescribing goal setting / Lisa Ordonez, Maurice Schweitzer, Adam Galinsky, and Max Bazerman -- What goals do business leaders pursue? : a study in fifteen countries / Geert Hofstede, Cheryl Van Deusen, Carolyn Mueller, Thomas Charles -- The role of goals in the management of supply chain networks / Taras Gagalyuk and Jon Hanf -- Power and politics -- The prince / Niccolo? Machiavelli (translated by W.K. Marriott) -- Management and Machiavelli / Anthony Jay -- Understanding power in organizations / Jeffrey Pfeffer -- The dialectic of social exchange : theorizing corporate-social enterprise collaboration / MariaLaura Di Domenico, Paul Tracey and Helen Haugh -- Cultural diversity -- Hofstede's model of national cultural differences and their consequences : a triumph of faith : a failure of analysis / Brendan McSweeney -- The levels of culture / Edgar Schein -- Working at the rat / Jane Kuenz -- Managing multicultural teams / Jeanne Brett, Kristin Behfar, and Mary Kern -- International management perspectives -- The growth of alliances in the knowledge based economy / Farok Contractor and Peter Lorange -- Competition for competence and inter-partner learning within international strategic alliances / Gary Hamel -- The importance of social capital to the management of multinational enterprises : relational networks among asian and western firms / Michael Hitt, Ho-Uk Lee and Emre Yucel -- Virtual team collaboration : building shared meaning, resolving breakdowns and creating translucence / Pernille Bj?rn and Ojelanki Ngwenyama -- The darker side of collaborative arrangements -- History as cause : columbia and challenger / Diane Vaughan -- Whistleblowing and its quandaries / Robert Jackall -- The emperor's new clothes : why boards and managers find accountability relationships difficult / Jill Mordaunt.
Type Book
Label Organizational collaboration : themes and issues
Title Organizational collaboration : themes and issues
Description Reader for Open University module B325 Managing across organisational and cultural boundaries

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