Law : agreements, rights and responsibilities
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Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 2008
URL Id=419204
Locator Id=419204
P1007 compiled by Carol Draycott, Wendy Laws, Hellen Revenko and Alison Smith
identifier SUP998078
Contents Unit 17 Exemption clauses : common law rules -- Unit 18 Statutory restrictions on exemption clauses and unfair terms -- Unit 19 Misrepresentation and mistake -- Unit 20 Duress and undue influence -- Unit 21 Frustration -- Unit 22 Discharge of a contract -- Unit 23 Damages for breach of contract -- Unit 24 Other remedies for breach of contract and restitutionary claims -- Unit 25 Vicarious liability and joint and several liability -- Unit 26 Employers' liability and breach of statutory duty -- Unit 27 Occupiers' liability -- Unit 28 Private nuisance -- Unit 29 Public nuisance -- Unit 30 Trespass to land and trespass to the person -- Unit 31 Product liability.
edition 9th ed.
Type Book
Label Law : agreements, rights and responsibilities
Title Law : agreements, rights and responsibilities
Description Resource book 2, units 17-32 of W300 Law: agreements, rights and reponsibilities, 2006- presentations

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