Concept mapper : version1.0
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Publisher The Open University
Date 2004
URL Id=297554
Locator Id=297554
Contents The Concept Mapper is a conceptual database containing entries on all of the key concepts in the course as well as entries on a range of theories and models included in the course. All the entries in the database - relating to concepts, theories and models - are taken from the course texts. So, the Concept Mapper is a tool that is designed to enable you to work through some of the material in the course texts in you own way, making connections between concepts, and between concepts, theories and models, in ways of your own choosing. It is there to help you explore links across the course in other ways than reading the texts in sequence. And it provides a handy reference point for key concepts and related theories and models.
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Label Concept mapper : version1.0
Title Concept mapper : version1.0

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