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Publisher BBC/Open University
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P1007 produced by Ian Lewis; contributors Lore Arthur, Stephen Hagen, Monica Shelley, Duncan Sidwell.
About germany
identifier VC0878
Contents Footage - Titles. View of river panning tot trees and building. Bike. Views of buildings with map superimposed over. Background changes to view of Leipzip with map superimposed. View of buildings and cranes. View of building. Street scene. Shots of various building. Wilfried Setzler. Painting of Old Tubingen. Buildings. External shot of building panning down to see complete building. View of building. Street scene. Bike Narrow waterway inbetween buildings. Shop. Building. Male waves from window. Sign. Various buildings (0'01"-3'05") Map. Building with several bikes outside. People on the street. Wilfried Setzler. Female driving car. View of flats panning down to houses. Moving traffic. Female locks car door and walks away. External view of building. Steeple. View from a courtyard. Bikes. Wilfried Setzler. Views of buildings(3'06"-4'55") Titles. Boys choir singing. View of city buildings. Sheild of Leipzig. Johanna Schmidt walks across a square camera zooms out. Johanna Schmidt. Etchings of Leipzig. Street scenes. Internal shot of building. External details of buildings. Johanna Schmidt. Orchestra enter onto a stage (4'56"-7'28") View of church panning to statue. Boys choir singing. Statue. Sign. Johanna Schmidt. Footage of demonstrations in Leipzig interspersed with Johanna Schmidt. Title (7'29"-9'33") Tanja Lindl. Sibylle Metzger. Gunter Leypoldt. Gesine Juttner. Ruth Stabenow. Daniela Krafak. Angelika Frenzel. Renate Baumeister (9'34"-14'20") Title. View of building. Market. 2 people talking. Group of children. people talking. Street scene. Wilfried Setzler. Hans-Peter Baumeister. Walter Utz. Renate Baumeister. Peter Bosch. Alice Kurz and Tanja Lindl walking towards camera, they greet someone.. Wolfgang Fritz closes door , climbs stairs and enters a room, sits at table and reads paper. Sultan Braun. External view of building. Sultan Braun enters a building, climbs stairs and enters a flat. Sultan Braun show living room and kitchen area. Takes off coat. Sultan Braun (14'30"-19'03") Wolfgang Setzler. Gesine Juttner interspersed with street scene. View from moving car. Georg Rubling driving a car. Georg opening a gate. Views of Georg standing by tree with house behind (19'04"-22'11") People at a lecture. Wolfgang Rotzsch. Titles. Rudolf Kost. Rudolf Dobler. Wilfried Setzler. Tanja Lindl. Ruth Stabenow. Thomas Walter. Dorothea Vogel. Hans-Peter Baumeister ( 22'12"-28'51")
Type Collection
Label Months 1 & 2
Title Months 1 & 2

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