Compilation prog for bands A-D (VCR1)
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Publisher BBC/Open University
URL Id=186156
Locator Id=186156
P1007 produced by Pip Surgey; contributors Alan Graham, John Mason, Mike Simpson, Gillian Iossif.
identifier VC0893
Contents Footage - Amber traffic light. Finger on button. Car wheels. Green filter traffic lights. Female having eyes tested. Basket ball player on court. Flowers. End of hose. Netball. Tennis ball. Horse being led on rope in circles. Model boat going round in circles. Dumbels. Water filled urn with flower floating. Horse being led in circles(0'37"-1'47") - Ball through basketball net. Watch face. Circular bale of hay. CD. Coin being spun. Ring. Space rocket separation. Planet. Man producing rings on water. Satelite picture of tornado. Flower. Car wheel. RPM dial. Rocket. Sellotape dispenser. Part of tractor. Fire hose reel. Lens opening. Eye. Line marking machine. Horse led through gate. Fan. Mixing machine. Overhead camera. Stubble. Views of the sun. Graphic model. Road sign. Water filled urn with floating flower. Eye of animal. Ring pull. Dial. Flower. Watch face. Planet. Bee on flower. Human eye(1'48"-4'41") - Man in toga kneeling in front of small stick. Man producing circle with 2 sticks and string. Stick with string being pushed into grass used to mark circle on playing field. Graphic model(4'56"-6'19") - Oriental female throwing different sized hoops over stick in ground. Twisting large hoop round stick. Moving small hoop around hoops over the stick. Graphic model(6'20"-8'52") - Indian female drawing angles. Graphic model(8'53"-11'56") - Female describing catchment area of 2 supermarkets. Graphic model(11'57"-14'58") - Female moving two wheels in between 2 pieces of wood. Graphic model. Man investigating the properties of a regular curved pentagon using axle with a pentagon shape at both ends. Drawing pentagon, circle around pentagon, Reuleaux curve. Female rolling pentagon wheels over wood then placing wood on top of wheels. Graphic model. 50p. 20p. Man approaching vending machine. Film of coins journey inside vending machine. Graphic model(14'59"-20'12") - Man and women in white coats in field making a circle and curve on constant chord. Graphic model(20'13"-22'15") - Man on exercise bike showing circular movement. Graphic model(22'16"-25'39") - Man on tractor. Eye test. Circular weights. Satellite and planet. 2 men line marking field. Hand reaching into vending machine. Circular road signs(25'40"-26'29") - Aerial views of motorway and railway track. Stream. Waterfall. Motorway junction. railway line. Champagne fountain. Motorway. Andes irrigation system. Model showing networks(26'48-45'31") - Mike Simpson. Graphic model(45'32"-49'15").
Type Collection
Label Compilation prog for bands A-D (VCR1)
Title Compilation prog for bands A-D (VCR1)
Description This programme contains representing circles, networks and matrices, differentiation, sampling distributions.

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