The secret of sporting success
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P1007 produced by Anne-Marie Gallen; contributors Francesca Hunt, Lance Doggart, John Newton, Christine Harper, Rod Smith, Adrian Woodbine.
Contents Footage - Man with starting pistol. Runner leaving starting blocks. High jumper. Judoka. Feet leaving the starting blocks. Face of swimmer. Hands clasping bar. Diver entering the water. Gymnast. Water skier. Runner. Race track. Female receiving medal. Man placing medal over female head with stadium in background. Long jump. Diver leaving diving board. Ice skater. Water skier. Female gymnast on bars. Man dismounts from rings(0'19"-1'44") - Lance Doggart moving from camera to man on starting blocks. Lance Doggart. Lance Doggart behind camera. Man in starting blocks then running. Lance Doggart. 2 children looking at flowers with female. Gymnast on balance beam at competition. Gymnast on beam in gymnasium. Lance Doggart. Graphic animation. Female in leotard standing in studio with view of the soles of her feet. Gymnast practising turns. Lance Doggart. Different females on beam. Slow motion of jump on beam. Child looking at flowers. Sumo wrestlers. Different shots of diver, Bobby Morgan(1'45"-5'04") - Diver's preparation of/and dive. Mike Edge and diver. Item droppped from diving board. Diver falling from diving board. Diver and Mike Edge. Three men in stand looking at television monitor, swimming pool in foreground. Diver performing dive. John Newton diving. Diver climbing steps onto board and falling into water(5'05"-8'21") - Ice skater. People skating. Christine Harper. Ice skater practising. Christine Harper. Ice skaters. Christine Harper. Slow motion of ice skater performing a spin. Lance Doggart. Diver leaving board. Dive in slow motion. Mike Edge, swimming pool in background. Overhead slow motion shot of diver(8'22"-12'46") - Band at Highland games playing "Green hills of Tyrol". Events at highland games:man lifting car:putting the stone. Colin Bryce and Jason Young. Man putting the stone. Official measuring distance of stone. Man in kilt sitting down crowd in background. View of games. Man throwing stone into crowd. Man throwing weight over height. High jump. Long jump. Hurdles. High jump. Judoka. Water skiing. Tug of war(12'47"-15'27") - Female in leotard. Slow motion Judoka move. Man on rings. Boy on rings. Rod smith. Man dismounts from rings. Judoka move. Tug of war. Water skier. Slow motion of judoka move. Man on boat with water skier in water. Water skier. Adrian Woodbine(15'28"-24'12) - band at highland games. Tossing the caber. Colin Bryce. Man tossing the caber. Judge. Crowd. Man throwing the hammer. Boy throwing the hammer. Female putting the shot. Hurdles. Females leaving blocks. Lance Doggart. Man leaving starting blocks. Close up of feet on blocks. 100 metres race. Linford Christie. 2 men leaving starting blocks. Girls on beam. Slow motion dive(24'13"-29'00").
Type Collection
Label The secret of sporting success
Title The secret of sporting success
Description This programme deals with Newton's three laws of motion through sport.
Publisher BBC/Open University

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