The spiral of silence
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Publisher BBC/Open University
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P1007 produced by Anne-Marie Gallen; contributors Robert Worcester, Nick Sparrow, Nick Moon.
Contents Footage - Footage from "Election 92". John and Norma Major (0'19"-1'08") - David Dimbleby: Election 92:Screen with Basildon candidates. Peter Snow with swingometer. Footage from "Alexi Sayle's stuff":Angus Deayton:Graphic opinion poll model. Opinion poll surveyor interviewing 3 people. Professor Robert Worcester speaking. Street scene. Nick Sparrow talking. Female opinion poll surveyor collecting data. Nick Moon speaking. Studio setting of 4 polling booths with voters (1'09"-4'06") - Female pollsters knocking on doors. Man at desk in office. View of plant, 3 books and ballot box. pile of books. Robert Worcester. Street scene with female interviewer. Robert Worcester. Female interviewer talking to man with child. Close up of form. Nick Sparrow. Street scene. studio setting of polling booths (4'06"-7'46") - Footage from BBC News at nine with Martyn Lewis. Female interviewer with female interviewee. Completing form. Graphic model. Street scene. John Curtice speaking. Census forms. David Saunders speaking. Newspaper office. Female at a computer. 2 men on phones. Peter Kellner speaking. Man at desk on phone (7'47"-12'32") - Lecture. Studio setting showing voting movement. John Curtice. Studio setting showing polling booths. Man making vote. Robert Worcester. Neil Kinnock at Sheffield rally. Neil Kinnock at lectern. Robert Worcester. Views of polling station at Heronsbrook meeting place. Polling sign. Voting papers going into ballot box. Footage from "Rab C. Nesbitt". Peter kellner. Nick Sparrow. Studio setting with ballot box in middle of floor. John Curtice (12'33"-17'27") - Ballot papers tipped onto table. Nick Moon. People being interviewed. Studio setting with polling booths showing "Guidance of voters". X placed on voting form. Robert Worcester. Nick Moon. Female pollster interviewing a female. View of form. Nick Sparrow. Female pollster interviewing a female. Nick Moon. Pollster in car looking at forms. People interviewed on the street. Studio setting of polling booths. View of form and vote being placed. Nick Sparrow (17'28"-22'47") - Footage of "Election 92". John Snow in front of big screen. Peter Kellner (22'48"-24'03").
Type Collection
Label The spiral of silence
Title The spiral of silence
Description Opinion polls in the 92 election predicted a hung parliament. Why did they get it so wrong? In this programme the pollsters tell us how they plan to deal with these problems.

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