Wood, brass, and baboon bones
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Publisher BBC/Open University
Subject mathematical_models
URL Id=180507
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transcript http://library.open.ac.uk/lrctranscripts/MST121_1.pdf
P1007 produced by Phil Gauron; contributors Carmen Jackson Pryce, Eleanor Robson, Doron Swade, Jim Bennettt.
Contents Footage - Sunrise. Baboons on a hill. Sunset. Sequence show the rising of the moon.(0'22"-0'59") - Baboon bone. Moon waxing and waning. Moon surface(1'00"-2'11") - Churchyard view closing in on wall mounted sundial. Sunrise sequence. Sequence showing shadows on sundial(2'12"-4'15") - Astrolabe. Acropolis. Sun though aperture. Jim Bennett speaking. View of the Earth. Model of Earth in space. Astrolabe. Night sky. Ship at sea. Jim Bennett. Astrolabe (4'16"-7'36") - Eleanor Robson speaking. Babylonian tokens. Sheep in cattle market arena. Tokens. Shepherds herding sheep into a pen. Eleanor Robson. Babylonian tablet. Eleanor Robson(7'37"-9'50") - Rope knot. B/w still of Inca settlement. Cows walking in a field. Piece of knotted rope. Several pieces of coloured knotted rope(9'51"-11'07") - Cellar doors of a pub opening and barrel being delivered. Wooden tally. Pump being knocked into barrel. Wooden tally. Beer pump handle being pulled. A pint being poured panning out to view of barman behind bar(11'08"-12' 15") - Japanese children in classroom using Soroban. Picture of soroban. Teacher writing on blackboard. Japanese children using soroban. Picture of a soroban. Graphics showing sums(12'16"-15'00") - Portrait of John Napier. Napier bones with sums to be calculated at side of screen. Page of Mathematical tables. Page of logarithms. Ship at sea. Doron Swade speaking. 5 leather bound books panning out to open book showing tables. B/w etching of Charles Babbage. Page of tables(15'01"-18'02") - 24 empty chairs in 3 rows: chairs occupied by children. Graphical model. Children calculating tables(18'03"-19'56") - Cogs in Bagges computer. Doron Swade. Moon in sky. Kelvin's tide predictor. Sequence showing moon over the sea. Kelvin's model. Baboons in natural habitat(19'57"-23"58").
Type Collection
Label Wood, brass, and baboon bones
Title Wood, brass, and baboon bones
Description The programme spans 10,000 years of mathematical modelling, from the puzzling lines etched on Baboon bones to the intricate brass designs of Babbage's engines and Kelvin's tide predictor.

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