Blue haven
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Publisher BBC/Open University
URL Id=180298
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P1007 produced by Anne Marie Gallen; contributors Mark Carwardine, Carmen Jackson Pryce.
Contents B/w footage of whaling. Polar bear. Reindeer. Tortoise. Group of peacocks by waterhole. Tiger walking. Woodpecker. Razorbills and Gullemots. Squirrel. Fox. Iguana. Crab and Iguana at seashore (0'21"-1'41") - Mark Carwardine speaking with deer in background. Salamander. Snake moving through tree. Moth on flower. Yellow/Black beetle. Green beetle. Ants. Tiger walking(1'42"-2'37") - Herd of Zebra. Crocodile with mouth opening. Shoal of fish. Fish in nets. Fish hauled on board boat. Net opened fish spilled. Fish put into containers. Unloaded onto the bay (2'38"-3'33") - Sperm whale underwater. 2 Blue whales. Mark Carwardine. Blue Whale swimming,blowing and diving (3'34"-4'35") - Dan Costa speaking with coast in background. Skeleton of Whale. Graphic sequence(4'36"-6'01") - Razorbills and Gillemots on rocks. Graphic sequence. Whale blowing and diving. Two whales swimming on sea. Whale swimming underwater (6'02"-7'42") - Greg Donovan speaking. Graphic sequence. Blue whale swimming(7'43"-10'07") - Barnacle geese in flight. Barnacle geese on land going into flight. Graphic sequence. Barnacle geese in flight coming into land(10'08"-12'02") - Whaling footage. Blue whale swimming. Greg Donovan. 2 men on ship looking through binoculars. Whale harpooned. Dan Costa. Whaling footage. Greg Donovan. Harpoon gun. Whale harpooned. Fishermen. Graphic sequence.(12'03"-15'54") - Tail against surface, flipper waving/body rolling in blood. Dead whale hauled up on ramp. Graphic sequence. Whale and baby underwater. Greg Donovan. Whales swimming. Dan Costa. Greg Donovan. Blue whales swimming in the sea(15'55"-20'27") - Antarctic sanctuary. Whale swimming. Dan Costa. Whales swimming. Greg Donovan. Whales swimming. Mark Carwardine. Whales swimming in the sea (20'28-24'03").
Type Collection
Label Blue haven
Title Blue haven
Description This programme creates a simplified mathematical model in estimating whale population and the likelihood of extinction.

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