Taking risks
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P1007 produced by Bill Young; contributor Barry Paine.
Contents Footage - Racing car crash, house fire, fire engine, cyclist crashing, injured football player, cricket player hit with ball, plane taking off, exploding oven, exhaust fumes, aerosol, lightning, storms, smoking, beating heart, smoke from factory (0'45"-2'44") - Crops being sprayed. Picking apples. Apples being sprayed (3'00"-3'36") - Listeria in fridge, cows, eggs, crop spraying. Supermarket (3'58"-5'02") - Anti-pesticide video. Apple picking, spraying (5'03"-5'43") - Apples on conveyor. Uniroyal Chemical. People eating apples (6'07"-6'54") - Insects. Lab. Anti-pesticide video. DDT spraying (7'10"-7'44") - People & traffic in Washington DC (9'11"-9'48") - 60 Minutes report on Alar pesticide (10'03"-10'56") - Apples being tested (13'38"-13'52") - People demonstrating against Alar. Apples being sold at market. Alar-free apples (14'22"-14'53") -Waves crashing onto rocks. San Francisco. Natural Resources Defence Council (16'52"-17'27"). Green grocers. Girl buying & eating apples (18'27"-19'41") - Crop spraying. Chemicals (20'45"-21'04") - Cyclist in traffic. Surfing. Hang gliding. Skateboarder. Smoking. Drinking. Hospital. Crop spraying. Nuclear power station control room (21'27"-22'48") - Cooling towers. Electricity pylons (23'14"-23'35") - Chemicals. Lab. Plane crop spraying (24'06"-24'43") - Supermarket (25'21"-25'48") - Code of Federal Regulations. Ambulance (28'09"-28'37") - Lab. Alar being heated. Rats/mice (29'25"-30'45") - Mice in lab. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (31'13"-31'38") - Rats in lab being used to test effects of compounds (32'44"-33'17") - Lab with mice in cages (34'40"-35'00") - Computer with LD50 dosage. Rat (37'28"-38'02") - Apples being washed, peeled & served in restaurant (40'26"-41'11") - Lab, drug samples being tested, results on computer (42'08"-42'56") - Drug samples being tested (43'48"-44'30") - Rats in lab. Shaved mouse with lump being measured (45'49"-46'33").
Type Collection
Label Taking risks
Title Taking risks
Description The programme looks at the controversy over the use of Alar by the apple growers and asks what happened to the science.
Publisher BBC/Open University

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