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Publisher BBC/Open University
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P1007 produced by Suzanne Campbell Jones; contributors Ken Little, Johnny Rhino.
Contents Over film of cars entering Northampton Stadium banger racing track narrator Ken Little explains that the programme will follow the fortunes of five drivers in an attempt to discover what racing offers as a leisure activity. We listen to race commentator Bev Greenhalf as the cars make a slow tour of the track. Little explains why banger-racing is an educational activity. Over film of the first race Greenhalf's commentary is interpersed with the remarks of drivers Hall, Broomfield and McCormack. They explain why they enjoy the sport. Little interviews McCormack about his performance in the race. Film of activity in the stadium in preparation for the next race. Broomfield describes in interview the skills required for successful racing. Little questions Hall about the repair work he is doing on his car. Film of another race, in which we follow the progress of Johnny Rhino. Rhino explains race tactics in voice-over. Greenhalf's commentary accompanies much of the race sequences. Little provides commentary to shots of stadium scenes after the race. Interview with Rhino, who gives his views on the race. We see him repairing his car. Little interviews Boulton about repairwork he is doing to his car. Shots of spectators at the stadium. Film of the final race, with Greenhalf's commentary over. At intervals McCormack, Broomfield and Hall provide insights into the sport.
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Title Crash course
Description This programme makes a point fundamental to the approach to education adopted by E200 - that education does not just go on in schools and other formal institutions. Banger Racing is a hobbie through which participants acquire knowledge and skills, and even achieve a measure of self realisation. Five drivers describe their involvement and the skills they picked up both mechanical and driving.

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