Defining the field
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Publisher BBC/Open University
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P1007 produced by Roger Penfound; contributors Clive Holloway and Marc Eisenstadt.
Contents The programme takes place in a studio before an invited audience of O.U. students. Marc Eisenstadt introduces film of a sophisticated robot, Shakey. Marc and Clive Holloway examine the flow chart constructed for Mazey in the previous programme. This could be extended for a robot like Shakey, or a human being, but the help of a computer would be needed. Marc explains how the information in the flow chart could be placed in a computer. He describes the procedures available in the computer. Marc now explains how the computer allows for new procedures to be created. He demonstrates how it is possible to use the computer to infer relationships, using the simple procedures already in the computer. Clive Holloway sums up what has been achieved in the programme; a process of inference has been developed and also a method of building procedures upon procedures.
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Label Defining the field
Title Defining the field
Description The programme looks at the basic procedures used to formulate computer programmes. Simple procedures are used to create more computer programmes. These procedures are compared throughout to human behaviour.

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