Creating the system
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Publisher BBC/Open University
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P1007 produced by Roger Penfound; contributors Clive Holloway and Marc Eisenstadt.
Contents Before an invited audience of O.U. students, Clive Holloway and Marc Eisenstadt talk about artificial intelligence and how psychologists and computer scientists can help each other. There follows a scene from an episode of ?Dr. Who?, illustrating the nature of robots. The audience then discusses the robots' behaviour. Marc Eisenstadt introduces a small robot, Mazey, whom he sets the task of walking through a maze. This is not seen by the audience as evidence of intelligence. A further more difficult arrangement of the maze is set for the robot. As the robot completes the task Marc explains how the robot is constructed to perform its task. In order to be more precise about Mazey?s behaviour, Clive Holloway constructs a flow chart which explains the processes behind the robot?s movements. Mazey again completes a maze and this time we see the flow chart analysis of her behaviour projected simultaneously on to a screen. To illustrate the difference between the intelligence of the machine and the human, a volunteer is taken from the audience and asked to solve a small maze problem. The man was seen to have a sense of direction, aimed towards the goal. Marc explains how this could be incorporated into a machine. The programme ends with Clive describing the benefits gained from the cooperation of psychologists and computer scientists.
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Label Creating the system
Title Creating the system
Description This programme is the first in a series on artificial intelligence. A small robot is used to illustrate the concepts involved in artificial intelligence and its behaviour is mapped on a flow chart in order to explain how a more sophisticated machine could be developed.

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