excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 90 (125 words)
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Language rn:iso:std:iso:639:ed-3:eng
pages 90
Type Excerpt
value <p>One day I was walking in a garden. There was a bandstand and musicians were playing some sort of music. The crowd was indifferent and passed by talking without paying the slightest attention. Suddenly there sounded the first notes of the delightful <em>andante</em> of Beethoven's <em>Symphony in D</em>&nbsp;-- a flower of spring with a delicate perfume. At the first notes all walking and talking stopped. And the crowd stood motionless and in an almost religious silence as it listened to the marvel. When the piece was over, I went out of the garden, and near the entrance I heard one of the managers say, "There, you see they don't like that kind of music." And that kind of music was never played there again.&nbsp;</p>
Label excerpt from 'Musical Memories' pp. 90 (125 words)

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