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is_reported_in My Life and Sacred Songs
time the 1800's
Subject performance of 'Where is My Boy to-Night'
agent unknown male
has_evidence_text " I heard Chancellor Sims relate," states the Rev. H. B. Gibbud, " that he was once travelling with a man from the West who was on his way to visit his father, whom he had left years before when he was a boy. There had been trouble between them, and the father had told the son that he could go. In his anger the boy said that he would, and that he would never return. He had gone West, where he became a wealthy ranch owner ; but he had never written to his father, and had held the anger in his heart toward him all those years. Then he told the Chancellor how it was that he was now returning. A train on which he had been travelling had been snowed in, and people living near had made up a load of provisions and taken them to the imprisoned passengers. Then it was discovered that Mr. Sankey was on board, and at the people's request he came out on the steps and sang : ' Where is my wandering boy ? ' That song touched this man's heart, led him to God, and he was now going East to seek reconciliation with his parents."
has_medium Medium.Live
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