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place London
is_reported_in My Life and Sacred Songs
time the 1800's
agent Rev. W. Hay Aitken, Canon of Norwich
has_evidence_text The first time this hymn was sung is still fresh in my memory. The morning after I had composed the music the Rev. W. Hay Aitken was to speak at our mission in the great Bow Road Hall, in East London, Mr. Moody having made an arrangement to speak at Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket. It was a lovely morning, and a great gathering had assembled at the meeting, which was held at eight o'clock. Before the sermon I sang " Beneath the Cross of Jesus " as a solo ; and as in the case of " The Ninety and Nine," much blessing came from its use for the first time. With eyes filled with tears, and deeply moved, the preacher said to the audience : " Dear friends, I had intended to speak to you this morning upon work for the Master ; but this new hymn has made such an impression on my heart, and evidently upon your own, that I will defer my proposed address and speak to you on ' The Cross of Jesus.' "
has_medium Medium.Live
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pages 239-240
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