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agent Dmitri Shostakovich
Subject Boris Tishchenko's Fourth Symphony
is_reported_in Story of a Friendship. The letters of Dmitry Shostakovich to Isaak Glikman with a commentary by Isaak Glikman
place Repino
time 24 February, 1975
has_evidence_text Before my arrival, Shostakovich had been listening to Boris Tishchenko play through his gigantic new Fourth Symphony. Shostakovich had praise for the third, fourth and fifth movements, but was rather more reserved about the first and second movements. He said: I'm not generally very talkative. I don't like engaging in analysis and conversation about works I have heard, and I'm not good at it. All I do is listen to music that is presented to me. I either like it, or I don't. That's all.'
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