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is_reported_in My Life and Sacred Songs
time the 1800's
Subject performance of 'Jesus Loves Me'
agent Rev. Dr. Jacob Chamberlain
has_evidence_text The Rev. Dr. Jacob Chamberlain, who for many years has been working among the Hindus, writes as follows regarding this hymn, one of the most popular children's songs in the world : " Many years ago I translated into Telugu the children's hymn, ' Jesus loves me,' and taught it to the children of our day school. Scarcely a week later, as I was going through the narrow streets of the native town on horseback, I heard singing that sounded natural, down a side street. I stopped to listen, cautiously drawing up to the comer, where unobserved I could look down the street and see and hear. And there was a little heathen boy, with heathen men and women standing around him, singing away at the top of his voice : Jesus loves me ! this I know, For the Bible tells me so. Yes, Jesus loves me ! The Bible tells me so !
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